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Investment Management

Our clients take comfort in our basic investment theme of diversification, patience and to never get shaken by news driven events. We help build a plan focused on their personal financial goals, using inventory of current assets and an assessment of desires and goals. At Moonstone Asset Management, we build financial blueprints that stay on course.

Financial Planning

Our portfolios are custom tailored for each client or institution based on their unique financial needs, goals, risk tolerance, age, and client specific expectations. What truly sets Moonstone apart is that no two portfolios are the same. We have learned that everyone has their own unique story. If a client has a changing financial situation, their portfolio will be adjusted to target new long-term goals.


We help businesses set up 401k plans and provide enrollment meetings for plan participants. Our role is to educate participants and provide them with enough information so they can choose their own funds and have the right knowledge and tools to start investing.

Retirement Plans

We help individuals and companies craft retirement plans that fit their needs for the present and the future. We work with all types of plans, scenarios and goals and custom design our recommendations based on what will be most profitable.


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